Seattle Addiction Treatment Programs

Edgewood Health Network Seattle sits on Lake Union, providing a safe haven for those suffering from substance use disorders – because we believe that everyone affected by alcohol and drug addiction deserves the chance to heal. We offer a variety of outpatient programs that take an individualized, holistic approach to treatment. Through addiction education, individual and family counseling, prevention techniques, and group therapy, we are able to tailor individual approaches to recovery for each of our patients. No matter the needs of the individual, we will meet them and set you on the journey to recovery.


Assessment / Treatment Placement

Like all journeys, recovering from addiction has a beginning. We use industry standard screening tools to determine a patient’s suitability for either residential treatment or outpatient services. This allows us to create a personalized treatment plan that provides the right level of care for each individual.

We coordinate closely with other health care professionals to ensure that our patients have every resource they need for a healthy recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is ideal for those who suspect they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, but may not require residential treatment or those who need more care after residential treatment. Our in-depth, multidimensional program uses evidence based clinical practices and takes a holistic approach to recovery. A highly qualified team of chemical dependency professionals and mental health therapists create an individual treatment plan tailored to meet each patient’s needs. The program includes:

Education on addiction / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Rational Emotive Therapy / Relapse prevention techniques / Healthy living practices / Developing mindfulness and a meditation practice / Recovery planning / Family involvement and education / Identifying how outside issues contribute to addiction / Developing a culture of support outside of treatment.

Individual, Couple, and Family Counselling

When recovering from addiction, support is crucial, and having someone to turn to is a necessity. We provide regular check-ins with a qualified addiction therapist. This improves outcomes and helps to sustain sobriety through encouragement, support, and guidance.

Family counseling and couples counseling provides a safe zone for family members to communicate their own needs and emotions. After all, we are all in this together.

Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention

Patients will often find the first year of recovery particularly challenging, which is why our aftercare program exists. We give patients the support network they need after treatment to establish a healthy life in recovery. Through group work that places an emphasis on honest feedback and increased awareness, we guide patients as they acclimatize to a life without addiction

No one wants to relapse. But facts are facts – it can happen. This can be damaging for not only the patient, but their families and loved ones. With our relapse prevention groups, we focus on prevention techniques and work to change the factors that contribute to the desire to use again.

Drug Testing and Monitoring

If the urge to use again becomes too strong, we offer drug monitoring as a part of our program. It is only one of the methods we use to prevent relapse in our treatment – but it can be very effective. Drug monitoring instills accountability in the patient, while allowing swift detection and response in case a relapse occurs.

Most major insurers accepted.

Seattle Specialty Services

Yoga Therapy

A gentle to moderate yoga class followed by a process group intended to increase mindfulness, self-compassion, breathing and body awareness. Classes are led by an experienced clinician with specialized training in chemical dependency treatment and yoga. Participants must be in recovery to attend.

Seeking Safety

Our Seeking Safety program is for patients with a history of trauma and addiction. In a gender-specific group setting, patients learn new skills and methods to cope with the impacts of past trauma. With a focus on safety and stabilization, Seeking Safety is an important part of the journey out of addiction.

Family Program

Addiction affects more than the individual struggling with a substance use disorder.  Our weekend workshop is an opportunity to get education on addiction, codependency, boundary setting, intimacy, spirituality, self-care, interpersonal relationships, and recovery planning for individuals who have loved ones with substance use disorders. By identifying your feelings and needs, you can restore your confidence and self-worth, and set out on your own journey to recovery.

We also offer weekly family education and support groups, individual sessions and family sessions. Family services are open to individuals who have a loved one in treatment, as well as individuals in the community who would like support whether or not their loved one is still using. All family members are welcome to participate.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Group

The primary goals of Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention are to: Develop awareness of personal triggers and habitual reactions, and learn ways to create a pause in this seemingly automatic process; Change our relationship to discomfort, learning to recognize challenging emotional and physical experiences and responding to them in skillful ways; Foster a nonjudgmental, compassionate approach toward ourselves and our experiences; Build a lifestyle that supports both mindfulness practice and recovery. This is a closed, 12-week group available to anyone in recovery. You do not need to be involved in Intensive Outpatient or Continuing Care services to join this group.

Process Group – Tuesday from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

The Process Group is primarily designed to delve into a deeper level of the therapeutic process.  For individuals coping with dual diagnosis, exploring issues related to relationship and identity issues, this is a group that can support breaking through long standing patterns, with the hope to discover deeper self-awareness and new behaviors.  This group is most suited for individuals who have done some foundational work already and are open to seeing what is possible.

Orientation – Tuesday from       4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

This group is a psycho-educational group that offers treatment 101.  This is a great group for individuals who are new to treatment and discovering the language and understanding of recovery principles and concepts.  Covering issues pertaining to stabilization, treatment expectations, the disease concept of addiction, how to utilize group therapy and healthy communication, this is a great group to help provide a construct for individuals as they begin their journey of recovery.

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