Sex Addiction Counselling Services

Sex addiction is as devastating to the individual and their family as any other form of dependency. Our bespoke treatments help relieve the shame and stigma of sex addiction, address the underlying factors, and provide ongoing support on the journey to recovery. All of our sex addiction programs are led by Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists.

Our inpatient and outpatient sex addiction treatment programs explore core issues of trauma, provide sexual addiction education, and examine and address triggers and compulsions. In particular, our inpatient sex addiction program has a proven history of improving sexual impulse control.

We provide ongoing support for those suffering from sex addiction and their partners. From weekly support groups to individual counselling, we are here for individuals and couples as they heal from the shame and stigma of sex addiction and begin their journey back to wellness.

post-treatment sexual impulse control was improved by 51.9% from 35.9%.

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