Psychological Trauma Counselling Services and Treatment Program

Bellwood’s Trauma and Psychological Injury Treatment Program (TPIP) is designed specifically to address work-related psychological injury. Our intensive six-week residential program uses evidence-based treatment for occupational stress injuries among military and veterans, and First Responders.

Our team includes a psychologist, occupational therapist, social worker, counsellor, and supporting medical team. We will work with you to identify your particular goals and support you working towards them. Overall, the goals of the program are to:

  • Build safety and stabilization
  • Reduce OSI symptoms
  • Improve daily functioning

In a small group format, and with individual support, patients attend counselling that includes Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the following key components:

  • Psycho-education around the impact of trauma and responses
  • Coping strategies to manage hyperarousal and intense emotions
  • Activation to increase engagement in meaningful activities
  • Exposure to decrease avoidance of situations and activities due to anxiety
  • Addressing trauma-related beliefs and emotions
  • A family program for significant others

Within the program there is also a family component for significant others to learn about the symptoms, what their family member is working on at Bellwood, and ways to support themselves and their loved one. The team will also work with you to prepare for your transition back to your community, maintain your gains, and ensure continuity of care post-discharge.

Note: Individuals with a primary/active substance diagnosis will not be suitable for this program, but may be eligible for Bellwood’s Addiction and PTSD/OSI Program.

If you would like more information about this intensive residential program for trauma and psychological injury, please contact us.